Watani Habibi, Digital Pigment Print on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Fine Art Paper, 30x45cm (Each Panel), Edition of 5+1AP, 2013

Watani Habibi || 2013

In his photographic installation 'Watni Habibi', the artist decides to hold an artistic conversation with fellow Yemeni artist Boushra al-Mutawakel. The artist believes that in his native country Yemen; a conversation is rarely held in the art world and since the entire country is living through a national dialogue that merged almost all aspects of society, an artistic dialogue should be held as well. In her 2011 Mother, Daughter, Doll installation piece, al-Mutawakel displays nine images of herself, her daughter and a doll where she displays the transformation women in Muslim societies seems to have gone through over the years.

Ibrahim continues to question the status of women in the region through his 2013 Watni Habibi (My Lovely Nation) through displaying the difference in looks for each gender in his native country; Yemen.
Each photo shows a different scene that can easily be identified from
the male outfit yet the female remains the same.

Ibi Ibrahim invites fellow artists to continue this artistic dialogue.